My Wristwatch.

I've been thinking lately, and have realized that many people have foregone the years-old tradition of actually wearing a watch to tell the time, and have instead turned to the cell phone to give them the time.
And though I realize that there is some convenience in the fact that the phone can tell you the weather and the time and probably whatever else you want it to, there is a simplicity to the watch that can never be matched by anything else.
Here are the reasons I have for wearing a watch and not depending on a cell phone for the time.

1) Convenience. Isn't it annoying to fish out your phone to tell the time, as opposed to a simple quick glance to your wrist for the time? And if your cell phone is off, well, you just have to wait about 5 seconds for the thing to turn on!

2) Permissibility in school. I've seen many people get their cell phones confiscated by the teacher because they were checking the time. First of all, if you can't see the clock in the room it's not that big a deal; by observing the behavior of those around you (packing up, etc.) you can easily tell when class will end. And besides, you're technically not supposed to have your phone with you in class. (Whether I agree with this rule or not is a discussion for another post.)

3) Style. When you have an analog watch on your wrist, it gives others a sense that you are distinctive, classy. A digital watch signifies an active lifestyle, and is all the more stylish when it matches your outfit. I know this is not really important to many people, but for those who do care a lot about style, check out your local Swatch catalog for cool designs. (My favorite Swatch series are the Core Collection--simple, distinctive designs. But I don't have a watch budget to get these, though.)

4) Affordability. For those of you who are put off from getting a watch because of the price, there are places to go to get watches for pretty cheap. I don't think I've ever spent more than 20 bucks on a watch; there's a store called Time Factory in Gurnee Mills where I get mine. And for those of you not around Chicago, Amazon sells awesome watches for under $30 (like the Casio Calculator Watch). Look around; you do not have to spend $60+ to get a decent name brand like Timex or Swatch.

In any case, if you do wear a watch, more power to you. And to those who don't, just keep this in mind whenever you pull out your cell phone or have to ask someone with a watch what time it is because your phone died.


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