Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX1 camera.

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The DSC-HX1 is a camera that needs to be experienced to be believed. Now I am an upgrader from a normal point and shoot, the Sony DSC W120 7.1 MP. This one is 9.1 MP and it's nothing short of great.
For anything requiring speed and accuracy, look no further. Sure, you can go for a $600+ Sony alpha or Canon EOS Rebel DSLR, but this one offers spectacular performance at this price point ($400). I took some shots at a basketball game and the pictures truly froze the action. Here are the vital specs and info:

From 1-7-2011 Basketball game v. GBS

Price: $400. Steep for a point and shoot, but taking into account the speed, features, and options that make it so much closer to an SLR than anything else, it's woth every penny.
Features: fold out screen (see pictures), Sweep Panoramic picture mode, fully manual exposure mode, shutter speed and aperture priority modes, and a bunch of scene modes; 20X zoom for superzoom, inherent to this type of camera
Memory: MS Pro Duo (no, there's no SD card slot), stores in JPEG format only, as opposed to many cameras by Canon and Nikon offering RAW format. Small price to pay for all the in camera editing features.
Battery: NP-FH50 Infolithium H-type. Offers over 300min per charge-best battery life in its class of bridge cameras.

From Cool Stuff

Overall, this is a great camera, and if you can live with its flaws (which include high noise levels visible at ISO 800 and above and the size and heft) it is a heck of an investment that will definitely satisfy the amateur photographer in you.

From Cool Stuff

From Cool Stuff


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