Sriracha sauce-simply the best. No Joke.

Just a short ode to my new favorite condiment. Sriracha sauce, available wherever food is sold (for about $3), is probably the most versatile and best-tasting hot sauce you will ever eat.
Let's start with the taste; the very sweet, yet sharp and spicy flavor is something that has to be experienced at least once. Fortunately, you can eat this sauce on almost anything (within reason, of course). Some of the foods that this wonderful sauce makes even more exquisite are:
-Pizza (thin crust)
-Pasta (try it at Noodles & Co.)
-Sub sandwiches
-Hummus wraps (like a burrito, but with hummus, red bell peppers, and shredded cucumbers inside)

So basically you get the idea. This is one great sauce, and of course there is a lot of sugar in it to make it have that sweet flavor. But the selling point for me is this: it is a pleasant taste without being overpowering, so it is very forgiving (compared to other hot sauces) if you put too much in your food. It will be a little more spicy than usual if you accidentally put in too much, but it doesn't stay with you and burn your mouth for eternity like some other sauces (like Tabasco Chipotle smoked) do.


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  1. I've been visiting blogs and reading the first posts today. I can't resist to comment on this sauce. It is great. I found it accidentally when my wife & I were visiting Iowa this past summer. This sauce quickly became my favorite. I use it like ketchup. I agree with you about the Tabasco Chipotle. It has a good flavor, but leaves and after taste. I have a variety of hot sauces and some are very over powering hot, one drop to a bowl of chili or soup for example and it becomes extremely hot. The Sriracha is spicy & hot, but not over powering.