Old Cell Phones and Related Miscellany... [Retro Series Part II]

Hello. I know it's been a while, but what can I say? It's just been pretty busy lately.

Anyway, I just became the fortunate recipient of some pretty unusual retro communications devices, presumably from the 90s, if my carbon-dating was accurate.

Let's begin with the Palm VII. Introduced for the exorbitant price of $699, it was plainly meant for business execs or civilians with too much money. That antenna you see on the right hand side actually worked; it was one of the first devices from which you could wirelessly access the internet! Of course, it was a Palm service, known as Palm.net, which was discontinued as of 2004. So, I have no way of connecting this thing, but it was text only, and you could only do stuff like check the weather, check your email, and maybe do some stock research.
I remember getting my dad's old one when I was little. Don't know where that one is, but here's another one...It runs on 2 AAA batteries, so it will continue to power on as long as batteries exist. But, of course, I don't have the cradle for it, so I cannot synchronize it with my computer. Even if I did, though, my computer is so new that there is no more serial port-the precursor to USB-that the cradle used.

The next goody here is a Sprint-Qualcomm Palm phone. Yes, this is a cell phone with a Palm PDA built in! As you can see, it was a brick. Nevertheless, as evidenced by my friends' reactions to their first sight of this monstrosity, it has a cool factor (as in, "Wow. What is that?").
Unfortunately I can't turn this thing on, since I have no charger. :(

And some more cell phones here; the ones on the left are Motorola Timeport flip phones and the one on the right is a Sprint. None of these have working chargers, so I can't use them at all. (Not that I would want to even if I had the chargers.)

Finally, my favorite of the bunch. This is a Motorola Timeport 2000X pager. Awesome name, huh? I actually have the charger for this one, so after some frustration getting it to work, I charged it up and typed a couple of lines in the Notepad app. Unfortunately, the battery life is poor, (10 min.) so I have to use it while on the charger. And again, the thing uses a serial connection to connect with the computer, so it is now a standalone device.
There are a few apps on it, some of which are normal, like a to-do-list manager and notepad. But I've got the game 21 and a version of minesweeper, so if I ever get bored enough I can charge up this thing and play some 21! It's also got a cool-looking backlight, and the date defaults to 2001. Interesting.

Anyway, there are my retro communications devices. Hope you enjoyed seeing them! Another retro device coming up.

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