Another Day.

A loud alarm jolts me from my slumber, 
and as my head hits the floor, I realize
It's back to the daily grind-time to go
slave away at a computer screen, to the chagrin of my burning eyes.

Breakfast's not ready because the missus handed her ring
to another lucky man. Just one more chance!
One bite after the other, I'm living hand to mouth.
Eggs made like those lost years, sunny-side down.

The trek to work full of mystery-
Which train's stopped? Which highway's jammed?
None more restricted than my own tight mind.

Alas-the $50 for gas too high for
my meager paycheck to handle. 
Ten minutes added to my walk to work,
through the torrential Seattle downpour.

"You're late again! What do you think you are?"
The boss expresses his concern once again.
"A human worker, sir. This and nothing more."
"Well you can take that attitude and grin

and shove it."

Now worthless, the journey back home
adds to the bitterness in this brain
just an energy drain
on the whole world I've played.

Back in my apartment my bottle keeps me company
But at the end of it all, we are born and dead alone.
Cruel existence, the hole in my conscience like the
crack in the roof-
Soon shot through by both barrels of a shotgun. 

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