Brother Deluxe 220 Schreibmaschine. [Retro Series Part IV]

That's German for "typewriter," fitting seeing as I bought this fine machine in the Fatherland.

Model: 1980 Brother Deluxe 220
Serial No.: J03391345

How I got this machine:
When we went to Germany (me and others from my school's German program) on the Exchange trip, I went to a flea market with my host family on Saturday, the 16th of July. It was honestly the biggest flea market I have ever seen outdoors, and believe me, it was huge.
Anyway, I sighted a bunch of typewriters there, and there were many more retro items to be ogled and had for bargain-basement prices. But you have to keep in mind that I was wary of my luggage weight restrictions; too much and I'd have to leave the extra stuff in Germany. So I was on the lookout for a small portable typewriter like my Hermes Rocket.
But the greatest thing about it is, IT'S RED! A nice bright fire engine red. Given that it's only about 31 years old (1980, says the sticker) it's in great condition and I used it on the remainder of the trip in Germany and Austria a couple times, once or twice in the Austrian JUFA youth hostel and in a hostel in Munich (where I and a couple of friends banged out a horror story based on our (mis)adventures), and once in the airport waiting for our plane in Munich!
You should have seen the look on the airport security guy's face when he saw the typewriter in my backpack through the xray machine. :)
Back home, I write poems and journal entries on it. Pretty nifty!

Here are some pictures of this wonderful world traveler.

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  1. Hi Vikram

    Denmark calling...

    I know this is an old post, but I stumbled upon it by coincidence.

    I bought the Brother 220 Deluxe as well a few months ago. Red as well. With its black case. Unfortunately mine has the "E" sticking. Something with the linkage - beyond me to fix. And there are unfortunately no typewriter repair shops in Denmark.

    Which typeface does yours have? Mine has a computerlike typeface. No serifs of any kind. As I haven't written on it yet because of the sticking "E", I cant really tell if I like the typeface or not.