Typewriter Ribbon!

So, while I was in Germany, my mom and brother were in India visiting some relatives. 
They asked me what I wanted from India, and of course I replied "typewriter ribbon." At $10 a pop here in the States, plus shipping, I figured, "Why not?"
When they got back, they revealed the ribbons:
They bought so many! Pictured here are 12, 5 red/black and 7 black-only; I had to respool one of them onto my Smith-Corona Silent from '52. 
Awesome! In India, these cost, as you can see in the second picture,  37 rupees, which is about $0.81!
Now I'm set for a while!

PS More poems and cool stuff coming up!


  1. Good for you, a lot of ribbons on ebay are either over-oiled or dried-out.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I have colleagues going back and forth to Mumbai and because of this I asked one to shop around if he had time.

  3. @I dream lo-tech: Thanks for the tip! Now I know not to buy ribbon off ebay! How is amazon?

    @notagain: No problem! I'm glad I was able to help a fellow "typospherian" in his quest for fuel. :)

  4. My ribbons arrived and I credited you. Thanks again!