New iPod touch!

I'm currently blogging from my new iPod touch, a true portable computer if I ever saw one. Honestly, you can do anything with this thing! So far I have downloaded a few camera apps, document scanner, and of course a couple of games, namely doodlejump lite and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit lite. These will keep me occupied for the very precious few moments when I have literally nothing to do (which, with five AP classes, is always a situation that is welcomed), and for the busy times, there's always the ever present wolframalpha there to help me out.

I'm enjoying the freedom that the Internet in your pocket entails, and have also been reading a little about Apple, the company, whose CEO Steve Jobs has stepped down. The Week compares him to the wizard of Menlo Park, Thomas Edison himself, a man with 1093 patents and immense fame to his name. I truly believe that Steve Jobs will go down in history as the man who revolutionized the personal digital revolution, who made people the devices those only ten years previous would only have dreamed of, had they thought of them at all.

And do not forget these two things:
1) I am not an Apple fanboy; I simply thought that this is the vet product out in the marketplace right bow, and so decided on the iPod touch. Long live the PC.

2) The typewriter remains the king of all inventions for the layperson since 1874. No questions asked.

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