Typewriter or Computer? NaNoWriMo

I wonder if I should type up my new novel on this computer or on the

typewriter. Well, I guess I'm more used to this kind of a keyboard,

being a 21st century kid, but the typewriter is just so much more

Romantic, more cool, more everything. It takes so little effort to

churn out words on a computer, but hey, isn't that the whole point

of NaNoWriMo? I also kinda don't want to have to rely on power to

write, though...but then again, I'm gonna have to scan in and word-

count my pages anyway. Decisions, decisions...

I love my little IBM ThinkPad X31 though, and I think that it hasn't

gotten all the respect it deserves. I also like this computer, and

the keyboard I'm using now isn't half bad. If only I had an Apple

IIGS or something of that vintage, that would be amazing. If I have

to use a computer, I would use my thinkpad in the abandoned storage

room that isn't really abandoned, M2. Typing up there, for about 2

hours a day, just sitting, on the floor, with that computer screen

keeping my face lit; if that isn't just fitting with the kinds of

characters I'm probably going to be writing about, then I have no

idea what is. Plus, my accuracy on the keyboard isn't anything to be

very proud of, so the backspace key on the computer would be very

handy. Again, if only...I had a wireless keyboard for my iPod touch,

that would be great. Then the choice would be clear: iPod touch all

the way. Portability with the convenience of no power cable (since

my thinkpad has abysmal battery life, to say the very most in the

least possible amount of words)--that is the life. And I won't have

to worry about pissing anyone off with the incessant clicking of the

typewriter. Not to mention not having to carry around a stack of

paper. (I COULD just keep a pile of paper in all my locations, like

the three lockers, the band room, and of course the basement where

I'm typing this.)

I just can't decide! It's November 1 already and far from choosing a

topic or creating characters, I'm still in limbo as to what machine

to use.

Leaning towards the typewriter, with the convenience and ease of the

computer beckoning...

Darn it. Suggestions?


  1. Well, of COURSE you should use a typewriter. You'll get an intimacy and skill with it after 50,000 words that you've never before had. And it will be cool, and you will be cool, and your story will be cool, and all will be cool with the world. Now get writing! ;)

  2. Typewriter, forces you to do your thinking in your head not on the page.

    Always forward, never back, letter by letter. Type right with a manual typewriter