Why I Use a Typewriter

Well, well, well. We all have those moments when a computer decides to corrupt a very important file that you've just spent hours working on. For me it was my Physics lab report that's due tomorrow. I spent all morning working on it, and when I went to go print it out, my computer proudly proclaimed, "ERROR OPENING FILE." Hence, I used my typewriter, the red Brother Deluxe 220, to type up the report. Took me less time, amazingly, because formatting on the typewriter is just so much easier. Who thought that it would be such a nightmare to simply have a SECTION of a page in columns and a SECTION in normal, paragraph form? It took me about 15 minutes of fiddling with the program to figure out that I couldn't do that.

The typewriter wins.

Here's the first page of my lab report.


  1. Yay typers! And well typed, I must say.

  2. Looks great! Whenever I have to fiddle with the guts of Word to get a seemingly simple format that just takes too much time to sort out - filling out a form or typing a label such that it is correctly centered when printed - I just use the typewriter. A bit noisier, but faster and hassle-free.