Busy / Jazz Band / German Spelling Bee / other...

Hallo alle,

Tut mir Leid, dass ich nicht so viel gepostet habe...

Sorry I haven't posted that much in a while. But with AP tests coming up and new topics in Physics, Calc, German, Lit, and Euro coming up at breakneck paces, it was inevitable that I had to kind of take a break from blogging.

But though I haven't been posting that much, believe me, typewriters are still alive and well around me. I talk to my friends about them nearly every day, and they never cease to be amazed at how I a) collect them and b) use them.

But in other news,

Competitions and festivals are fun. Especially when they come up within mere weeks of each other:

---On the 11th of February was the ETHS Jazz Festival, and we've got another gig coming up on the 7th of this month at the Chicago Jazz Showcase. Check us out if you're in town! (We're the Niles West High School Jazz Ensemble.)

---Yesterday, the awesome Leap Day, was the German High School Day at UIC, where high schools from around the area compete in various divisions, like City Guide (on-stage acting "tour" of a German-speaking city), Poetry Recitation, Essay Recitation, Skit, and my favorite, Spelling Bee. This was my third year competing in the Bee, and I got first place for the second year in a row, (on the word "Österreich," German for Austria). Quite fun because of the fact that we spell according to the German standard
alphabet, in which "a" is pronounced "ah," "b" "bay," and so on. (Trophies after the jump.)

---For WYSE, Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering, we've got a competition on the 9th of March; this is an academic competition in which contestants from various schools take two multiple-choice tests each in English, Math, Physics, Chem, Bio, Engineering Graphics, or Computer Science. I personally compete in the English and Engineering Graphics divisions. It'll be fun.

To add to all that, I've got an audition tomorrow for the University of Illinois' Marching Illini marching band; I play clarinet, and I've been practicing for this audition for a while. That should be great fun as well; I thoroughly enjoyed the marching band in high school, and once I'm out of here, I look forward to continuing performing in the stands and out there on the football field, for thousands upon thousands of fans.

Final summation: Been pretty busy these past few weeks, and plan on keeping busy till the AP tests are finally done come May. Till then, I'll post intermittently, but will continue checking comments!

Also...who in the typosphere / blogosphere speaks German? I'm interested in learning more about some of the nuances only native speakers could know, like idioms, etc.

Wenn Sie Deutsch können, oder wenn Sie jemand kennen, der Deutsch kann, dann könnten Sie mir bitte eine Email oder was schicken? Vielen Dank!



  1. For native German-speakers in the typosphere, you should correspond with Florian (maschinengeschrieben.blogspot.com) and Georg (sommeregger.blogspot.com). Florian's earliest posts were even in German, until the appeal of being part of the wider English typosphere proved irresistible!

  2. I'm currently even thinking about introducing a new rubric on my blog, I'd write the typecast in German and add an English translation.
    Feel free to send me an email.

  3. Ich habe Deutsch studiert, aber nicht seit 1983.
    So that sentence is probably rendered incorrectly in some way.
    Even so, it has served as a source of amusement since Lufthansa bought my employer, but I'm not important enough for it to help my career. I'd enjoy any chance I can get to practice.