Some Random things I had laying around, part 2: Eberhard Faber Mongol 482 and Crayola crayons.


  1. Great to see your QDL at work. Cheers!

  2. Back in the eighties, hand rolling tobacco used to come in 2oz tins. I'm tempted to do a series of posts. I know one that I have, somewhere, has "Portable Typewriter" written on it. In fact it contains the contents of a John Bull printing kit.

  3. Very nice post. I fondly remember the Mongols. Very nice smooth writing pencils. There are still a few good brands around, and they are not from China!

    Great use of the Altoids box for crayons. Those boxes are so handy for many things. I often post a WANTED on FreeCycle to get a few when needed. They also make nice QRP rig boxes for ham radio.

    I like the type face on your QDL.

  4. Thank you for the video links. Both are very interesting. I have often sat looking at my pencil(s) wondering how they are made and what all they are and can be (well can be used to write or draw) There is something about the feel of and using a wooden pencil. A pencil of good quality (which I do not find in the Chinese ones and do not recall any wooden Japanese ones) just makes writing fun. I use fountain pens and typewriters each for its own special characteristic and use. Writing implements and even some other office equipment or tools are interesting. (at least to me. maybe I am abnormal)
    Nice post thanks.