Two New Pencil Videos

Hi blogosphere,

I just completed uploading two more videos about pencils I have, this time about woodcase ones.

The first one is a basic overview of the progression from Eagle to Berol to Sanford, finally to Papermate, explained with the pencils themselves as guides.

The second is just a view of some of my interesting and/or vintage pencils, including the Mephisto Copying Pencil by L & C Hardtmuth and the Eberhard Faber Mongol 482.

Watch if you so desire. :-)


  1. I had absolutely no idea there was so much to pencils. And I say that as someone with roots in the English Lake District. Thanks. The non-photo-blue (which I always call non-repro-blue)could actually show in photocopiers. The original purpose was that it didn't show in orthochromatic film copying for platemaking at a printers. So, all your grids and pate-up guides were drawn onto the paste-up board in NRB so you could position copy elements such as type galleys, Letraset column guides, page numbers and decorations. These being in black would copy under red light onto the film of a copy camera. But all the blue guides wouldn't come out.

  2. Interesting! I always thought they were used for animators exclusively...but now they make more sense.

    And yeah--many of my friends (I'm in high school) wonder as to why I am so interested in pencils, not realizing that there is, in fact, more to them than meets the eye. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the videos.