Referrer Spam - an annoyance and a problem.

*Update 5/26/12: I'm gonna continue this blog. Just kinda overreacted a bit, I guess, after I finally found out that the 6000 pageview mark was a lie. Ah well.

Lately I have been getting hundreds of pageviews per day, as compared to mere tens or twenties. It's pretty weird, and considering that most of them have been from RUSSIA...well, I finally decided to check it out.

Searching on google for the actual source of my pageviews, I found that one of my top sources, a site known as domar [dot] ru, (DO NOT VISIT), is a spamming site. Here I found an explanation of what is going on (WIKIPEDIA link). Bottom line, there are not actual page views happening, but the website is requesting my site and then disconnecting before the connection is complete. But by clicking on the link of the spammer's site, which I did, it increases the number of links that link back to the spammer's site, increasing its ranking in web searches done with search engines, like google.

By clicking on the site a couple times and finding nothing (in the sources tab of blogger, which was a big mistake), I encouraged this site, domar, to continue using my blog as a host for its parasitic activities. Now, I'm not exactly sure what the implications of this sort of thing could be, but to be on the safe side, I think I'm going to move this website in the not-too-distant future to a more secure spot.

What is most annoying is that I have no idea how many pageviews I am actually getting.

I'll do some more research and see if this could have any bad tidings for my blog, and to see if this is a problem with any other blogging services, like wordpress or tumblr, etc.

So, don't expect many more updates on this blog, except to notify of other developments...but this site will always be here.



  1. I understand your frustration. I had to turn on comment moderation after getting spam comments, generally with links leading to one website or another.

    I have seen the .ru show up in my Stats. You can at least get a good idea of the proportion of good page views to bad by going to your Blogger Dashboard and pulling up stats. You can drill down to Traffic Sources and then view by day, week, month or for the life of the blog. I'm not sure what this looks like in the classic Blogger dashboard. I use the new version and like it better.

    Good luck figuring out your best options.

  2. ...but what's the worst that can happen?

  3. I, too, have had these things show up in my stats, but when not clicking these, they stop after a while. I think they earn money by showing ads on their website. I don't think they're dangerous.
    If you want more clear results, I suggest installing several (redundancy) trackers, for example Google Analytics. There are thousands of them, and I never had these do*ar things in my Google Analytics.