I'm out of High School! and other stuff


  1. Congrats on your educational milestone!

    I do like fountain pens and film cameras. I have a Lamy Safari and Pelikan M100, along with a Cross and a Parker. The Pelikan is nice, but for the money the Lamy is really the value pen. I like to use bottled inks, my favorite so far being Parker Quink blue/black.

    As for film cameras, I have too many to mention. But you should look into getting that Retina fixed. They're nice cameras, every bit as good as an older Leica.

  2. Thanks for the comment; I love those Lamys. I also use Parker Quink, but in Royal Blue.

    For repairing the Kodak Retina, I've looked into it and found a very niche repairman online who's located in New Zealand; I don't know if I can justify a $100 repair job on a camera I got as a gift. ;) But I have seen pictures taken with those cameras, and they are, as you say, fantastic.

    What are some of your favorite film cameras?

  3. I just bought my first fountain pen this past month, a Safari Lamy. It will likely be my only fountain pen and not because I do not love it but because unlike typewriters I only feel like I'll ever just need the one.

    Congrats on graduating high school! I just graduated college. It's weird moving from one chapter of life to the next. Enjoy it.