Playing Cards (Collection).


Camel Wides deck.

notice the slightly recessed numbers on the right side casino card. For preventing cheating in poker...
Casino card backs

The designs from the America deck are stunning.

Each one of the Harley Davidson cards has a different historical tidbit.

Regular Bicycle joker in comparison to the joker on the Limited Edition deck.

Very old and slightly old decks of Bee cards. Note "The NY Consolidated Card Co." on the left.

Backs. Note the "stamp" seal on the red one.

Stamped in red on the "stamp" seal: "DIV. U.S.P.C.C."

Each one of the Scooby-Doo cards is different as well.

The Spanish 48 card deck is totally different.

Inventors Card Game; also a standard deck. Sealed.
My workhorse deck these past four years in high school. It's taken a beating.

Mini cards.
The full collection scattered.

"artfully" blurred shot, actual shot below

Here's my full collection of playing cards.
Ziploc bag: 48-card Spanish deck; below: two miniature decks, made-in-China
First 3 Rows and First 3 in Fourth Row are from the US Playing Card Co (USPCC)
First row: Unopened Bee deck from awhile back, note "69c" sticker; four casino diamondback decks: Hard Rock Hotel, Grand Victoria Casino, Silver Star, Maxim Las Vegas; New York Consolidated Card Co. vintage Bee deck.
Second row: all Bicycle: Blue modern Rider Back 808; older Jumbo Index 88; Jumbo Index Pinochle 44; Red modern Rider Back 808; Blue older Rider Back (no barcode on bottom); Red older Bridge 86
Third Row: Limited Edition Series 1 Bicycle Rider Back; two World Series of Poker  Bicycle decks; America-themed deck; Broadway Seconds "Win Dragon Star" casino deck; Harley Davidson 1903-1929 Historical Playing Cards
Fourth Row: Scooby-Doo themed deck; Camel Wides advertisement deck; Coca-Cola themed deck; Hoyle AARP Jumbo-Index deck; Hoyle flag GIANT FACE deck; "Inventors Card Game" deck from The Henry Ford, Dearborn, MI


  1. I am seriously jealous of your Scooby Doo cards. With a collection like that, you could do some fun mix and match. Look up a card game by the name of "King Mao". It features 5 decks and some seriously twisted memory rules. It also goes by the name "Mao". There is a variation where the winner of the round gets to create a new rule. Those work well with interesting cards. After about ten rounds, it is nearly impossible to play a clean hand without laughing.

  2. Funny you should mention that game. At school during study hall I hun out in the band room, where lots of people were; I'd ask what game they wanted to play and many of them mentioned mao--and then said "no!" "it takes too long..." etc. but everyone laughed when mentioning it. I'll try it sometime :)