Fujica AX-3 Film SLR Camera Pictures


  1. Exposure looks quite close on most shots. You may be able to repair the light leak with a new seal kit for the rear cover. If there are none available there are some options like d.i.y. thin felt, foam tape, or even gasket seal. I have done some make-do seals for some real old medium format backs I use and it worked fine. Cheapest way I found to test the repair is to get some ISO 800 (or 400 if that is all you have) B & W film load it and let the camera sit in the sun for 10 minutes or so, advance the frame and reposition the camera and repeat until several angles have been tested. Then process the film and look at the negative. If there is any black or grey at all on any frame there is still a light leak If you do not process your own B & W use the fasted B & W use a 400 or 800 ISO C-41 processed B & W film and have it processed only, no prints. Many film processors only charge a dollar or two to do that. Still cheaper than testing with color.

  2. BTW the light leak on the first photo makes it look really futuristic.