Three Things. Radio, Cell Phone, Flea Market.


  1. Well, at least you have a flea market with at least one typewriter. I have yet to see one in the wild here.

    You are not the only person without a smart phone. I too have a plain old cellular phone for communication. No need for all the other things. I wonder why the phones are called smart? I have not found a phone yet that can think for itself, do its own math, create its own writings...

    The changes in radio. I have seen too many. Growing up with great a.m. regionals only to have them fall to the demise of conglomerates and talk radio. No more WKBW, WABC, WCFL, WOWO, and many more. They still exist as ghosts of their former glory (many with reassigned call letters).

  2. Vikram - next time you go to the flea market: can you take a picture? i wonder if it looks as it does in my imagination.