Which typewriter to take?

(A couple were on purposely left out: the Hermes Rocket since it's just like my D220 without the metal body and German characters, and the Smith Corona Clipper since it's a priceless gift from my English teacher, and who knows what can happen in college? and the Royal QDL since my little bro has taken a liking to that machine.)


  1. I was going to say Royal QDL, but that's just my own biased opinion. ( :

  2. bring the classic 12 for serious work and the Rocket for on the go. especially if they are similar typefaces.

  3. i looked at all the typers on your list and heres my opinion:

    they all seem to type well

    i say go with the brother deluxe bc it's small and fun and has been all around the world with you - it should accompany you on your next adventure: college! That is, as long as the german keyboard doesnt negatively affect your typing too much

    If that is the case, then i will campaign for you to bring your silent super bc it types well and is the quietest of your typers.

    my dark horse candidate is your underwood though - only bc of the way it looks. i think it will get you some hot chicks!

  4. I have to agree with Michael...those Underwood's sure to bring in the chicks! Even excluding that, I would cast my vote for the Underwood. They are hard working typers, and very reliable. The Classic 12's are way too bulky for my liking, especially for transport (also, they are loud as anything). I have never used a SC Silent, but I have used plenty of other Smith Coronas, and always found Underwoods to be the better machine. That is my opinion, of course.

    Good luck deciding!

  5. What, you can only bring one? You need to have an extra so you can lend it to that hot chick ...

    My own favorite of these is the SC Silent. I'm assuming this is a '50s model, and that was the height of quality and durability for the company. Smoother than the Brother, quieter than the Brother and the Underwood. My 2¢!

  6. I'm with Richard. SC silent all the way.

    And.... Damn! I was just about to do a 'which typer post myself, but for a different kind of need'. Never mind..... Next day or so.

    Best of luck!

  7. Take the lightest one, especially if it fits in your backpack. I used my Rocket and my Tippas a lot in college.