3D Printed Android Robot

Here's a post I wrote a while ago, and I felt like now was a good time to notify the typosphere that I'm still here. Been brutally busy for the past week or so, and definitely not had much time to sit at all, much less update here. But, here you go! :)

I figured that this is especially relevant given Richard Polt's recent post on "3D-Printing" with a typewriter. :)
In my Intro to CAD class here at U of Illinois, we got the chance to make our very own creative design part, whereby we designed a small item in ProEngineer and had it rapid-prototyped in our Ford RP Lab. I chose to make a little Android robot, simple and guaranteed to turn out as I envisioned.


  1. Ah, 3D printing. It is a really great way to make things. I do not get to use the one at work since I'm in electronics and the mechanical engineering guys always have it in use. One day I hope to build a 3-d printer for home.

    Neat robot.

  2. That is cute!

    I'm looking forward to trying 3D printing sometime.

  3. I'm still pretty convinced that 3D printing is just science fiction :-) Nice droid!