Double-Review Comeback Extravaganza! The Lamy Safari 2013 Neon Yellow Limited Edition and Waterman Tender Purple Ink

[transcript of the handwritten text at the bottom]

side-by-side with the Vista

like a diamond glistening in the sunlight (or fluorescent bulb)
why the tilt?

Clever design!

Bleed and show-through can be seen here...

...but in my journal they're all but nonexistent!
Here's another shot from the journal

300 sheets of high quality paper for under $10.

 Here's the text of the handwritten part for your reading pleasure:

My quick review of the Lamy Safari 2013 LE
[Made in Germany]
Today, I live dangerously by daring to write on unlined paper. Life on the edge!
What can I say about the Safari that hasn't already been said? It's a classic of Lamy's Bauhaus-inspired "function defines form" ideal, a relatively inexpensive knockabout pen which finds itself in the hands of students and adults alike.
I personally have three pens based on this design: a clear-bodied Vista, this Safari, and a coffee-brown aluminum Al-Star.
As for this pen in particular, I absolutely love the color, and the dichotomy of having such a calming color of ink in such a raucously bright and garish pen.
Performance notes will follow. -->

Lamy Safari LE 2013 (cont'd)
--> The nib.
-Well, let's start with the most important part of the pen (in my humble opinion). This fine nib, on this paper (relatively heavyweight printer paper) the nib is a bit scratchy. I know feedback and I know scratch, and I'm sorry to say that right out of the box the nib has a bit of both most of the time. A bit of smoothing, probably, could fix that, or perhaps a thicker ink [dryer ink].
--> The feed: Quick writing: [This is the Lamy Safari in Neon Yellow 2013 LE Quick writing test] No skips or any such problems!
Flow is good.
-->Body: It's got the traditional tripod grip section, and so some may hate it while others won't mind. Myself, I'm a traditional right-hander, so it's OK for me.
-Color: Well, I love it; loud and attention-grabbing, and has a nice gloss to it as well. :)
-Overall: An AWESOME PEN, get it while it lasts if you love the color! 4.5/5 (nib -.5)

Waterman Tender Purple quick review
Made in France
-This ink, in short, will be heartily recommended by myself, and, I feel, anyone who uses it. It dries to a deep, saturated color even in my fine nib pen, so in a broader pen I imagine it'd be even more vibrant.
-Flow is great--I have experienced no hard starts or skipping in this pen so far.
-On this paper, show-through is a bit pronounced, but there is hardly any noticeable bleed. [edit: there is a bit of bleed] Feathering is not an issue in my journal, a Miquelrius, although it is mild on this paper.
-Misc.: No smell--neutral. dry time: quick.
-No nib creep at all.
-relatively waterproof, but not so much that I would advocate drowning your notes.

Overall: 4.5/5 Recommended! Vikram Shah 5/17/13


  1. Rock climbing without a rope? The best! Cycling without a helmet? All the time! Tightrope walking without a safety net? Well, I never tried that but, with a pen the colour of that, you HAVE to live on the edge. Say goodbye to lines forever. Feel the breeze. PS: Still loving my Lamy too.

  2. How about posting some mechanical engineering formulae scribblings in fountain pen? Er, nevermind, it is the summer and you deserve a break. Welcome back, looking forward to more updates.