Double-Review Comeback Extravaganza Part III: Diamine Pumpkin and Jinhao Legend of the Dragon

the "gift" box, slightly worn
the nib and section

As always, typed transcript at the bottom.
closeup of the clip
the dragon sleeps in his comfortable foam bed.
"C39 Camali"

another closeup of the clip
dragon detailing on the barrel
how my hand looks holding it
writing point
it's pretty big posted.
what's in the box

Recognize this picture from the last review? I've included the left half this time, which is Diamine Pumpkin.
you can see the bright shade through the bottle 

Jinhao Legend of the Dragon fountain pen REVIEW
All righty. For this third installment of the double-review series, we'll cover the Jinhao Legend of the Dragon fountain pen and Diamine Pumpkin ink.
First, the pen. I bought it on eBay from a Chinese seller--I'd heard good things about the manufacturer Jinhao and figured I'd take a chance. 
For the princely sum of $9.99, shipping from China included, I received this pen Initially, it was a bit scratchy [the nib], but simple realignment of the tines with my thumbnails made it a great and very usable pen. It included a converter and cheap but functional "gift" box. 
My favorite feature is definitely the golden clip. Though it is actually made of relatively fragile plastic, what's not to love about its red-eyed-dragon design? Matches with the detailing of a dragon on the pen body, as well as the name (even though it's labeled a "C39 Camali" [as you can see in one of the photos], the seller called it a Jinhao Legend of the Dragon. I like the latter name better.). :)
On to some detailed components next!
NIB. I like the way the nib looks; it's a two-toned nib with a bit of scrollwork on it. Simple and classy. It writes all right--not completely scratch-free, but definitely good enough to use normally.
FEED. Sometimes I get a small flow issue whereby I have to squeeze some more ink to get it flowing, but definitely not a huge issue. The cap snaps on very securely.
SECTION. Though it is made of relatively smooth plastic (I can't feel the texture shown in the photo), my fingers never slip.
WEIGHT. I haven't got a scale, but as an ALL-METAL pen (minus the section) it is substantial. Top-heavy [and long] if you choose to post it.
OVERALL: I really like this pen. It performs well with multiple inks (I've used Noodler's Black, Camlin Royal Blue (an Indian brand), and of course Diamine Pumpkin with no problems at all), feels nice in the hand, is nicely finished and doesn't look cheap in any way. The golden clip is just a bonus. 
If you're in the market for a great pen at a bargain-basement price, get this one. 4/5.
Diamine Pumpkin ink REVIEW
And here's part II! :)
This ink is the second ink from my first order from JetPens.com ever (the first [ink] being Oxblood) and I must profess [edit: CONfess] that I LOVE the vivid hue of orange this ink provides. It's bright without being illegible--with many inks I see online, it seems that they're too bright to be tolerated for more than 1/2 a page of reading. For me, this ink does not have that issue at all. It flows pretty well and has not given me any trouble with this pen, and behaves relatively well on most papers. I think it's time for some detailed reviewing!
FLOW. Fantastic. 
DRY TIME. a non-issue. Very fast.
FEATHERING. Moderate but not horrible. Might be due to inconsistencies in the paper I'm currently writing on because it doesn't feather at all in my Miquelrius journal or on cheap notebook paper...
BLEED-THROUGH. Little to none.
LEGIBILITY. very high. (not for professional writing!! (unless you live life on the edge like me...) :) )
And I think that covers it! 4.5/5. (well-behaved, great color, but not waterproof.)


  1. Very nice reviews. I really need to get some ink colors and get my old pens going again.

  2. Thanks for another great double review! Have you contemplated sharing on the Fountain Pen Google+ community?

    This orange is very nice. I may have to pick some up.

    Our dragon pens suffer from inadequate sealing around the cap and ink dries quickly on the nib in storage. I can pick up a TWSBI 540 after a month and it starts right up. The dragon is good for a couple of days, but it does have style!