College: Semester III

Whoops, crooked typing


  1. Nice setup.

    What are you reading in German Cultural History?

    1. Well so far all we've read are "Das Nibelungenlied" from ~1200 and "Sendbrief von Dolmetschen" by Martin Luther, an open letter to the Church about Luther's philosophy of translating the Bible into the vernacular (~1530).

      Next up will be several essays on the Enlightenment out of a book called "Was ist Aufklaerung?" ("What is Enlightenment?"). It'll be a great time, learning a lot while getting practice reading and thinking about German and history at the same time :)

  2. German Cultural History sounds interesting. FYI I loved my differential equations class. That TI-89 will carry you through anything you will ever need in college and more. Real overkill is an HP48GX with the extra cards and RAM.

    Very nice desk set-up.

  3. I still have my college ghetto blaster from 1980. They have come a long way since then!

  4. That looks like a cozy place to work. It reminds me of college days, except that while my desk held a typewriter (1957 Olympia SM3), the computer filled a room, and then some, on campus and we interacted with it via punch cards. Pretty hard to imagine as I hold one on my lap with likely more speed and power.