New Layout and New Page

Hi everyone,

I'm back on winter break, and since it's so cold (-45 F wind chill) I didn't have to go in to work (I've got an internship over this winter break). So I decided to buckle down and improve the overall look of my blog for readers' enjoyment.

I've added another tab to the top of this page, called "Posts by Category." There you will find all posts from the beginning of this blog till today, neatly categorized for your reading pleasure. I figured it would be easier to find old posts if I laid it out this way, a la reddit.

I've also updated the layout of this blog to be easier to navigate and to read.

A few of the design changes:
1. Unclicked links show up in orange while clicked links show in purple.
2. The text is now larger font Arial.
3. The page width is more condusive to less scrolling and more reading, and also allows me to upload images in full-resolution without the width "overflowing." Also allows us to use our wide screens more effectively (assuming you have a computer with a widescreen resolution).
4. Got rid of all the sidebars, which were unnecessary and took up space that could be used by article content.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful new year, and here's to a great 2014!


1 comment:

  1. I like the new lay out. I may use some of your ideas for my blog. I like the tabs and the width. I generally get an idea for a post and start typing off the top of my head, no outline, no draft. My haphazard writing shows it. The width is nice and it will make it easier to type as a full sheet can be used.