1970s Adler J5 - New Typewriter!

Custom nameplate
Serial Number
Carriage/drawband assembly - only two screws!
Bonus dead spider found in the carriage assembly
Looking into the machine from behind with the carriage removed
Paper support. The button has been removed here.
This is the button which releases the paper support. See the clearly bent part?

Line spacing selector


  1. That nameplate is just perfect! Nice job.

  2. Great looking typewriter. Very good job on all the repairs, especially the neat name plate.
    I find my Adler J4 and J5 are much better typewriters than any Olympia I ever used. Even nicer than my H3k machines. They are nice and snappy, very fast, and the smoothest velvety carriage return of any of the over 100 typewriters that have passed across my typing table. They also have the easiest to remove and reinstall carriage. Great for cleaning. As you found, the weak spot is the paper support.

    1. Thanks, Bill. This one's touch is a bit heavy, not entirely sure why, but my brother likes it so I gave it to him.
      I personally like my Olympia SM5 much more, if not for the feel then just for the look of the body - I definitely hate the carriage shift...
      This was easy to repair though - definitely much easier than the Olympia would be if it broke (knock on wood).

  3. Well done on getting this up and running so well. I wonder when Adler left behind their Eagle trade mark and took up the crown?

  4. Yours is about the best tutorial I've found for what I believe I need to do with an Adler J5 I was given recently.
    It's cool it reminds me of typing high school and college papers and I can't wait to show my 6-year-old grandson.
    Yet of all things, I need to replace that draw band. And it doesn't look exactly simple.
    I'd love it if you could elucidate: In removing the carriage, you say 'just two screws,' but where are they? And then the other two screws? :) And if you have any extra tips when it comes to replacing that string, I'd love 'em!