Koss PortaPro Typewritten Review

I figured I'd do a quick review of one of the best electronic devices I own, the Koss PortaPro portable headphones. They've been with me through tough times in college, and I still enjoy using them. Here it is!

side view - note the firmness selector

the temple pads allow for even distribution of clamping force across the sides of the head

Folded up - the clip/hook design is not very "locked in place" and springs open readily. Case recommended.

Gold 3.5mm plug.

This is how they look - very '80s, but they work! They also conveniently bypass the glasses "support beams" and so do not press them against my head.


  1. Great review of the headphones.

    I love Koss headphones. They were (still are) my preference when I was in radio, never had a set fail in any studio (can't say the same for many other brands), nor in the field. Koss has great service also. If they have the parts they will repair or replace almost any product they sold. Can't say the same for most other brands. To sum it all up Koss beats BEATS.

    Great point about open backs and being out and about on the street.

  2. Those headphones look impressive. And—well typed!