Calculator Collection

Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-240H Solar Powered 4-function. Made in Japan.

Casio fx260solar Scientific. Made in China.

Sanyo CX 111 4-function. Uses 1 AA battery, lasts forever. Made in China.

TI-85 Graphing.  Uses 4AAA batteries. Made in Taiwan.

HP 35s Programmable Scientific. Features RPN and Algebraic input. Uses 2 CR2032 batteries. Made in China. 
HP 15C Limited Edition Programmable Scientific. Re-release of the 1982-89 original high-end RPN calculator. Serial No. 7615/10,000. Uses 2 CR 2032 batteries. Made in China.
Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium (S/N 2481001235 P-0308J)
I've had this calculator since freshman year of high school way back in 2008 and it's served me very well since. Love the CAS and the user interface, and it's never failed me for anything. If I had to save one calculator, it would be this one.
TI-30XIIS Scientific. Solar / Battery powered. Made in China.
TI-30 from 1976, SN 25561, Made in USA

Casio fx-115ES PLUS (no serial number)
budget scientific that can do matrix math, numerical differentiation/integration, and complex math
allowed on the NCEES exams 

HP-32S Programmable Scientific, S/N 2818A09851, Made in USA
Uses 3x LR44 cells, definitely a great calculator to look at and to use.
Love the fact that it has only one shift key - the keyboard thus remains uncluttered.
Display is nice and big, and the keys feel awesome. This one was made in 1988.

HP 50g (S/N CNA50207LN)
monster RPN graphing calculator - programmable in HP RPL, ARM assembly, or C via the HPGCC
extremely user-hostile UI/UX. Takes a while to get used to it. I like my TI89 Titanium for CAS use way better than this.

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