Retro 51 Tornado Lava Flow Fountain Pen Review

 Retro 51 Tornado LAVA FLOW fountain pen
First thing I thought when I saw this pen: whoa. That looks really cool! Upon opening the elaborate packaging, the luster of the yellow, orange, and red-on-grey body reflects the light emphasizing the three-dimensional appearance of the material.
                As for the writing and nib quality—it’s pretty smooth and by far the biggest nib I have seen.
                The pen takes short international cartridges, but as I own almost exclusively Lamy pens, which use their own proprietary long cartridges, I was kind of out of luck. But I did manage to procure a syringe to fill up the original cart it came with, so all was well. Crisis averted.
                This is, however, a pretty short pen—it feels kind of unbalanced with the cap posted, but too short even for my average-sized hands with the pen unposted. Just me.
                Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that this pen looks absolutely amazing in person—the pics definitely don’t do it justice.
                When I’m looking for a bold pen to make a short note, or a relatively comfortable pen to write medium-length pieces with, I turn to the Tornado.
                Overall rating: 4.5/5. Though it suffers from very slight balance issues, it looks cool and writes very well, with little-to-no scratchiness and even ink flow. Definitely recommended.